Rinse the mouth guard with cold water before using it.  Hot water should never be used as it could cause the mouthguard to lose its shape.  A soft toothbrush with gentle toothpaste or mouthwash can also be used to clean and disinfect the mouthguard after use.   Rinse with water and dry the mouthguard thoroughly before storing in the case.  You may also occasionally soak the mouth guard in denture cleaner (be sure to follow the directions on the denture cleaner box).






Slide the mouth guard into your mouth and push it upward to cover your upper teeth.  A properly fitted mouth guard fits firmly and snuggly over the teeth.  If the guard slips or is loose, bring it back to our office as it may need to be adjusted by the dentist.  Do not chew on the guard as this can alter the fit and weaken its performance. 


When removing the mouth guard, pull down on one side of the guard to release suction and pull forward.  Always clean the mouthguard before storing it and rinse it before reinserting it in the mouth.  Allow it to dry and place it in the protective case we provided. 


Store the mouth guard at room temperature.  Rooms or areas with high temperatures (such as a car glove compartment), can cause the mouth guard to become distorted and weaken the device. 


If your mouth guard has a helmet strap, do not remove the mouth guard by the strap.  The suction created by the custom mouth guard is strong and the strap is not made to withstand the tension.  It will break.  Use your finger on the side of the mouth to break the suction before removing the guard.